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This portal provides information on the cross-border capacity auctions and scheduled flows on the electricity interconnectors in the France, United Kingdom and Ireland region. This includes the auction schedules, capacity information and auction results for all involved electricity market participants and the transmission system operators.

BritNed Interconnector

Capacity: 1000MW

Our Vision, Goal and Commitment
BritNed as owner and operator of the HVDC interconnector between GB and NL safely delivers unparalleled efficiency and reliability that is vital to the current and future energy needs of the North Western European Region. We seek to maximise returns for our shareholders, whilst delivering social welfare to consumers and supporting market participants to trade in the most efficient manner.

Our culture
BritNed is an international organisation combining innovative technical and commercial expertise. We engage highly skilled and motivated people who are proud to be part of the BritNed business. We work as one team with one vision joining the expertise of our shareholders and business partners.

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IFA Interconnector

Capacity: 2000MW

The England-France Interconnector (IFA) is a 2,000MW high voltage direct current (HVDC) link between the British and French transmission systems with ownership shared between National Grid Interconnectors (NGIC) and Réseau de Transport d'Electricité (RTE). The interconnector is highly reliable and provides a safe and efficient link between North West Europe and the Great Britain.

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East-West Interconnector

Capacity: 500MW

The EirGrid East West Interconnector between the electricity grids of Ireland and Britain is a 500 MW regulated HVDC link which provides market participants the facility to trade electricity between the Single Electricity Market (SEM) on the island of Ireland and the British Electricity Trading and Transmission Arrangements (BETTA) market in Great Britain.

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Moyle Interconnector

Capacity: 500MW

The Moyle Interconnector links the electricity grids of Northern Ireland and Scotland through submarine cables running between converter stations at Ballycronan More in Islandmagee, County Antrim and Auchencrosh in Ayrshire. The link has a technical capacity of 500MW.

The Moyle Interconnector has enhanced the security of electricity supply throughout Ireland and reduced the costs of running the electricity system. It provides competition in the electricity market arrangements in Ireland by facilitating trading with our neighbouring market in Great Britain.

SONI Limited (the System Operator for Northern Ireland) acts as Moyle's agent in carrying out the Interconnector Administrator activities for both the Single Electricity Market (SEM) and British Electricity Trading and Transmission Arrangments (BETTA) markets.

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Latest news

16-09-2016 BritNed Interconnector We wish to inform you that BritNed will be implementing its annual planned outage starting 7.00 CEST on 19-09-16 and ending at 23.00 CEST on 21-09-16. During this period BritNed will reduce its available capacity to 0 MW. BritNed is expected to return to full availability at 23.01 CEST on 21-09-16. 03-06-2016 IFA Interconnector IFA is pleased to confirm 1 July 2016 as the Go-Live date for the Harmonised Allocations Rules version 1 (HARs v1). Please refer to the National Grid website for the full notice. 16-09-2016 East-West Interconnector EirGrid East-West Interconnector would like to announce that the October 2016 IT2 Monthly Capacity Auction has been cancelled due to an extended outage. 30-08-2016 Moyle Interconnector Moyle Interconnector would like to announce that the October 2016 Monthly Capacity Auction is scheduled to take place on 08-09-2016. Bidding will open on 07-09-2016 at 11:00 BST and close on 08-09-2016 at 11:00 BST. The Offered Capacity will be 40 MW (NI-GB) and 50 MW (GB-NI).

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